I am such an open-minded person;

the other day

I didn’t move when a really stinky person

sat next to me on the bus!

I have a friend who chain-smokes

and a friend who dates trans-people.

I know, you are thinking

“Wow, she is so good at not judging”.

Yes, I definitely do not judge.

I love all people.

The only emotion I feel all the time is love.

Yes love love love wow I just love everyone

No anger or hatred here!


Because I am open-minded!

Did I mention I can do yoga?

I tried meditating once

and I don’t frown when people talk in foreign languages.

I don’t try and walk fast around homeless people

I don’t mind that they are homeless!

I feel bad for them

sometimes I even smile at them!

Wow wow wow

you are thinking,

“How is she so kind and open-minded?”

I can tell you my secret:

I don’t judge!

I only experience love

yes yes yes this is totally true.