Don’t forget to


read about all the candidates 

and all the legislature 

and remember what a legislature means

and what the difference between a bill and a vice president

and an appeal all are.


Also remember that 


trash goes out this Tuesday but not the next

but if you put it out last Tuesday don’t forget 

to separate the recycling from the

feed the chickens and fill in the hole the dog dug

in the back yard and also there is dog poop everywhere

so pick that up and put it in the

laundry don’t leave it in the dryer or it will wrinkle

and then if it wrinkles you need to borrow an iron from

what’s that burning oh its the coffee pot left on all day

and when was the last time you swept? 

Yesterday? that’s it? Because it’s gross again

the toilet is dirty as well and nobody has cleaned

the moldings anywhere in the house in a long time


also the library books are due and I have one on hold

and thats close to the grocery store 

which is great because i have twelve items of food

that need to be bought so that I can eat

and also maybe there might be a potluck

and also the library book on hold when does it stop

being on hold because I could use that to relax this weekend

when I forget to read because I am looking at my smart phone

because it is much brighter and more engaging than a book

but thats okay its a library book and I have another renewal on that one


Did I agree to


help out that friend that I haven't talked to in a while

but is moving their stuff some five hours away to 

another place that is also five hours

the 28th is coming up and I swear I said I would do something

really anything but its really left me but at the time

and when was my soccer game was it this Wednesday?

No no it will be on Friday which isn’t normal and

I agreed to do something else on friday but I don't remember what that was

did I ask someone to sub for me then

whats that burning smell

oh its my yeast infection which i haven't called the doctor about

because I don't have a doctor right now 

because my other doctor moved so now I need to find a good doc

do you recommend one thats great no I’ll remember their name

I don’t need to write that down.


God, I love being an adult.