Innovations That Could Still Possibly Save a Warming Planet

Some more innovative ideas to consider:

  1. Solar Panels on ALL Chuck-E-Cheese Establishments

  2. Styrofoam cups, glued together, to recreate lost glaciers (they’re white and should have similar reflective properties)

  3. Burn incense, not plastic

  4. Clone whales

  5. Build personalized life boats for polar bears

  6. Have restaurants donate all old ice from drinking cups to be shipped to the Poles for ice redistribution program

  7. Genetically modify polar bears with CRISPR to float better and eat less meat

  8. Genetically modify snow with CRISPR to have nutritional benefits

  9. Use snow makers but put Soylent in them to spread nutritious supplements to life

  10. Introduce insects to the Poles

  11. Find a use for Zebra Mussels

  12. More ice sculptures!